How do i get the gmb postcard?

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You should receive it within three to five days. The last step is to verify your account using the code that appears on the postcard. If you’ve claimed your listing, Google will show you appropriate verification methods, which can be done via email, postcard, or video. If you don’t see this option, request that you verify your listing via postcard instead by following the steps below.

If you change important details on your listing (company name, address, phone number), you’ll also need to request a reconsideration. Once you receive the postcard, open the

Google My Business app

What is a postcard in Google Business?

But small business owners don’t have the time to fully understand the complicated, ever-changing systems on Google. If you’re a service company that operates in a specific geographic area, or a hybrid company that both serves and visits customers at your local location, you may have the option to complete the review via email, phone, or Google Search Console. Typically, the business owner asks Google to send a postcard with a verification code to the physical address of the company. Once the postcard arrives, the business owner can complete the verification process by going online and entering the code from the postcard.

How do I get the GMB postcard?

Once you’ve received the postcard in the mail, take the verification code and enter it into your account. In this way, you can find out what you can do to improve your GMB listing and measure how you perform on searches and maps. GMB Gorilla is the go-to choice for savvy business owners who want the king of the jungle on their side. Once you’ve been fully verified in Search Console, you may see an “Instant Review” option on your GMB profile.

The only known solution, according to this GMB support article, is to delete your listing, create a new one, and review it.

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