How do you check if a backlink is indexed?

Jul 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

Just copy and paste the backlink into Google, click the search button and see what’s displayed. If this backlink back to your site appears in search results, it will be indexed. However, if Google comes back with no results, it means the backlink hasn’t been indexed. If the page is still not indexed after that time, work to improve it and make your site more authoritative in its niche.

Reject link spam If you notice suspicious backlink activity, you can add spam links to a disavow file directly from the backlink checker. If you take the trouble to create hundreds of high-quality backlinks to improve your visibility in Google search results, but the backlinks aren’t indexed, you’ve wasted your time. Discover your backlinks Discover your competitors’ backlinks View keyword rankings Get email alerts when you lose or receive new links. If you have a backlink or are looking for a backlink from a page, it’s important to check if the page is indexed to see if the link has any value.

It’s very easy to get an external backlink (for example, you could tweet one directly this second), but it takes effort, luck, or authority to get a high-quality backlink. When the backlink check is complete, Backlink Monitor automatically checks if every page is indexed. See follow links and nofollow links The more high-quality backlinks a website has, the more trustworthy it is in Google’s eyes. So if you’re working on acquiring new links, first check with our Google Index Checker if the referring pages are indexed.

How quickly a new page is indexed depends on the authority of the site, its size, the depth of the page, and many other factors. If you have access to Google’s or Bing’s webmaster tools, you can see some of your main backlinks from here that prove they’re active, but not 100% of the links show up here. In short, Ahrefs Backlink Checker is a powerhouse that is suitable for pretty much any backlink research task. If a site has too many pages compared to its crawl budget, Google will not crawl and index all pages.

To have a successful SEO campaign, you need to check if your new backlinks have been indexed by Google.

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