Is google postcard free for business?

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Select the option to enter the code. The Google community is a valuable resource because you can create a post with your question and additional information about your circumstances. Once you’ve received the postcard in the mail, take the verification code and enter it into your account. If you want to verify your GMB profile without a postcard, it means that you are likely already having trouble receiving that postcard.

You need to enter the reason why you need assistance and then navigate through some “help desk options” that Google will suggest.

What is a postcard in Google Business

Postcard verification was the most popular method of verification in the past — it’s also the slowest, which is why many local businesses would prefer a different option. This postcard contains a verification code that you must enter to verify your account. Once the postcard arrives, the business owner can complete the verification process by going online and entering the code from the postcard. If you choose postcard verification, be sure to follow these important notices and prohibitions to quickly review your listing.

Once you’ve received the postcard in the mail, take the verification code and enter it into your account.

How can I get a postcard for Google Business

Google My Business allows users to check their profiles through Google Search Console if other methods have failed. If you skip verification, it hardly makes sense to claim your Google business profile at all, as you won’t be able to access most features without first completing the verification process. Thankfully, Google has added new verification methods in the form of video uploads and live video calls that are much faster. For video review, it should take about five days after uploading your video for the video to be reviewed by Google.

Once you’ve created your Google My Business account, you can move on to the next steps. This includes setting up your account’s basic information and verifying your account.

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