What is a video verification?

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Be ready for a 360 view outside of your office (Google wants to make sure what’s outside of your office matches the street view, at least I think they’ll get you to that) Include real photos of your business, restaurant, or store, but make sure they’re high-quality and consistent with your brand. You should definitely take a little time to plan ahead, as you essentially want to give a tour of your business and make sure you have materials such as your business cards, examples of the products you sell, proof of non-physical services you offer, etc. But it’s definitely worth the effort if you couldn’t get verified.

With this option, business owners schedule an appointment to connect with a Google My Business representative over video chat.

How does Google verify business videos

Walk through the entryway and show off your interior, including any desks or equipment used in the day-to-day operations of your business. In recent years, a postcard from Google has often had to be sent to the new address for a move. They didn’t ask me about it during the video review, but I expect they would ask for it if you don’t have your address on a business card. If you’re prepared, this call can be an easy experience, and you’ll be able to set up your Google My Business listing soon after.

Hangouts is a browser and app-based application that provides services such as text-based messages, voice calls, and video calls, all of which can be done individually or with multiple people (voice and video support for up to 10 people).

How do I verify my business on Google without video calls

For companies with multiple locations (such as a chain store or restaurants), there is also a bulk screening option. Eventually, they’ll ask to see something that has both your logo and company name printed with your business address. If this option is available, the phone number associated with your profile is displayed and you can have a robocall sent. While video review may sound like the easiest way to review your business, it’s not available to everyone.

While this is not a perfect system, GMB offers you a range of verification options based on that.

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