What is tier 2 link building?

Jul 9, 2022 | Uncategorized

Worse yet, Google could penalize your site if it finds links that you created as spam. e. That way, the SEO performance of your site can do minimal damage and help you recover quickly. Just because other links aren’t strong doesn’t mean they can never be that long.

The goal is to help you get your best backlinks, i.e. most of the strategies above are considered first-tier link building. Incorporating this tactic helps your SEO strategy immensely in a number of ways.

What is Tier 2 link building

By submitting your site to popular social bookmarking sites, you can not only get a link to your site, but also increase the visibility and reach of your site. But what many of these sites don’t do is use second-tier link building to get the most out of those first-tier links. When projects are really of high quality, backlinks are easily indexed and added to the profile. Remember that if you place a forum link not to your site but to a famous and authoritative site, the forum moderators will be tempted to pass it, as they will not suspect that you are doing so for your personal interest, and the forum members will benefit from the content.

Second-tier backlinks are used to increase the PageRank value of first-tier backlinks, allowing more link equity to be transferred to your website for SEO.

What is animal link building

Now that you’re a few steps away from your site, you can start pushing the boundaries a little further. Once you remove the level 1 link that leads to your primary page, any harmful effects of multi-level linking will be removed. The main goal is to increase the amount of link juice passed from your backlink profile to your main website. SEO for beginners Download my FREE e-book below and learn how to get a website to the first page of Google for free 👇🏽 Linkplicity is a dedicated guest posting agency that prides itself on delivering the most relevant and high-quality guest post on the market.

If you post backlinks to credible resources, they will be properly indexed, but you can go further and improve their effectiveness.

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